We value the individual achievement of all our children and celebrate their personal successes.

• Through 'Star of the Week' we celebrate children's efforts and attitudes towards learning. This is shared on Tapestry with parents/carers of those children
• We acknowledge the contribution that parents make to good attendance through a short presentation of certificates for outstanding attendance at the end of the year.
• We also encourage children to share their achievements outside school and we celebrate success in our Group Times.
• Displays in school celebrate children’s successes and work. Celebrating achievements outside the classroom:
• Sustainable Schools Award
• Eco Award (Silver)
• RRSA Bronze (Working towards Silver)
• Gardeners’ World Live at 50: ‘Meal in a Barrow’
• Health for Life
• Celebrating our Community
We celebrate festivals and other special days encouraging children to understand about the community in which we all live and the customs and traditions associated with special days:
• Eid – staff and children dress in special clothes, taste foods and give cards • Diwali – Drummers visit the school allowing children to find out about music and dance and children make Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns
• Christmas – we visit St. Giles Church for our Nativity singing and church bell ringing.
• Chinese New Year – Children learn about the animal race story associated with Chinese New Year. They create a dragon mask and join in with a dragon dance and take a Fortune Cookie home.
• Easter – This is a time to learn about new life and we are visited by animal babies, have eggs which hatch into chicks and we learn about customs of Easter with an Easter egg hunt.
• Children learn about other special days such as St. Patrick’s Day, St. David’s Day and others.
The school also responds to national events and celebrations such as Royal Jubilees and Weddings
Charitable events are supported and children are encouraged to understand that some children are less fortunate than themselves: They learn about poverty and how we can support people in communities further afield.

• Sport Relief
• Red Nose Day
• Children in Need
• Autism Awareness Week
• Down Syndrome Day
• McMillan Cancer Support