Our ethos, vision and values advocate respect for the individual and for the community and the diverse cultures within our city and beyond. We aim to foster a positive, democratic and tolerant environment where children, parents, staff and governors are able to flourish.


  • Children help to decide the rules for Nursery based on what they know is right.
  • Children are involved in planning and directing their learning.
  • Families are able to contribute to decisions through completing questionnaires.
  • Parents may become representatives on the school’s Governing Body

 The Rule of Law

  • Children understand that rules are made to keep us all safe and remind us of right and wrong. Rules are displayed as reminders.
  • Children listen to adults and understand that they must follow instructions.
  • Children follow Nursery School routines.
  • Parents support the school’s Behaviour Policy.

Individual Liberty

  • Children are able to select their choice of activity and, frequently, the materials and resources they need for the activity.
  • Open-ended tasks allow children to direct their learning.
  • Forest School and outdoor learning promote freedom to explore, to investigate and to take risks in a secure environment.
  • Children are encouraged to voice ideas and opinions and to comment on what they have learned.

 Mutual Respect

  • Children are encouraged to respect themselves and to develop high self-esteem.
  • Children learn about other cultures and respect the ideas and practices of their peers.
  • Our Behaviour Policy promotes positive behaviour and children learn about ‘kind hands and feet’.
  • Our ethos is one of respect which permeates all we do.
  • Children listen to each other and learn to share ideas, take turns and work collaboratively.


  • Children learn about how we are all the same and how we are  different.
  • Children learn about their own cultures and the diverse cultures within our community.
  • Children celebrate a variety of special days, cultural festivals and events.
  • Parents are encouraged to join us when we celebrate events and to be part of the school community.

GGNS British Values