Forest School is a key feature of our school's experiences and opportunities.

We have two members of staff who have completed the full Forest School training and are acknowledged as Forest School Leaders, with additional Outdoor First Aid certificates.

Forest School sessions are offered throughout the year, generally weekly. Children learn to collaborate and take turns, develop thinking skills and problem solving and extend their language and communication skills as well as physical skills. Many children show improved self-esteem and self-confidence as a result of these sessions as they learn through activity and can all 'have a go'. The sessions are hugely enjoyable even in the cold or wet weather.

Children require a warm coat, hat, mits and wellies. We provide waterproof outer-wear to ensure that their own clothes stay clean and dry.

A rota for sessions is shared with parents during the autumn term and information sessions are provided. A full Forest School session with children is offered during the summer term.

We provide a booklet of information and ideas on Forest School which can be download from the button below.

There is a wide range of excellent activities to complete with your child at home which you can access through the Woodland Trust website by clicking on the following link.

Visit Woodland Trust Website