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Garretts Green Nursery School Ethos and Vision

We are a Rights Respecting school.  We are committed to upholding UNICEF’s Rights of the Child Charter.

Article 28 states that: ‘Every child has the right to an education’, and Article 29 states that ‘Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment’.

‘At Garretts Green Nursery School we strive to provide children with quality learning experiences and effective teaching support to enable them to achieve their full potential, to enjoy their learning and celebrate their successes.’

We intend/want our children to be:

Happy, feel safe, secure, to belong, to be valued, respected, to have fun whilst learning, to understand that they are part of a community, (Family, Nursery and wider into the local community). We intend them to be resilient, be willing to ‘have a go’, have strong self-esteem, be proud of themselves, to develop social skills and life skills, to be prepared for the future emotionally, be ready for school, to experience an enriched and encompassing curriculum, to be curious and ask questions, to respect diversity and know about different cultures. To be able to speak, listen and attend, and develop secure relationships.   


We intend/want our staff to be:

Valued, supported, for our voices to be heard, to be proud of the children’s achievements, to be listened to and be able to support on another. To be known by others, respected and appreciated, to be acknowledged as individuals, to be a close-knit team and meet each other’s needs, to inspire each other and celebrate our shared interests in the children.


We intend/want our families to be:

Confident to approach us and feel understood, as we empathise with the difficulties that families go through. We want parents to be given time and attention and support. Feel valued and respected as their child’s primary educators and care-giver, empowered to feel that we want to learn from them too. Mutual support of the Nursery Community, trusting and trustworthy. To feel secure and safe.


Our values underpin our practice and we want them to run through every aspect of our curriculum. Our provision is non-discriminatory, accessible and sensitive to race, gender, religion, culture, language, disability, sexuality and differing patterns of family life.

The best interests and welfare of children are at the forefront of all that we offer, through our promotion of British Values, and our vision to advocate children’s rights adhering to the UN Convention’s Right’s of the Child. (UNCRC) Principles of Children’s Rights: We adopt the ‘Rights of the Child’ at the heart of all we do and all that we are, so that our children are healthy, can learn, are protected, treated fairly and their views are listened to.